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Lake Michigan Interstate Gateway Alliance (LMIGA)

In 1993, USDOT identified the Gary-Chicago-Milwaukee Corridor (GCM) as an Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Priority Corridor. Initial membership included a coalition of Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin transportation agencies and other interested parties. The primary focus of GCM was corridor planning and development of coordinated responses to traffic congestion. In late 2006, the focus of the GCM Corridor was reoriented towards interstate operations, and the name changed to reflect the new focus. The new Lake Michigan Interstate Gateway Alliance (LMIGA) was born, and at this time its corridor boundaries were expanded to include southwest Michigan and the area east and south of Madison, Wisconsin. The total LMIGA coverage area includes 51 counties encompassing parts of four states (Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan).

Today, LMIGA is a voluntary organization with active member participation from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, the Illinois Department of Transportation, the Indiana Department of Transportation, the Michigan Department of Transportation, the Illinois Tollway, the Skyway Concession Company LLC, and the Indiana Toll Road Concession Company LLC. The goal of LMIGA is to focus on operations within the region to ensure that traffic moves safely and efficiently. This goal is realized by interagency communication and coordination, improvement projects, training efforts, and region wide planning.

The LMIGA ITS Priority Corridor Program operates through a comprehensive structure of work groups that meet on a regular basis. LMIGA regional travel information, including current travel time, congestion, incident, construction, special event, and weather information is available on the Travel Midwest web site.

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